Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chesapeake Bay Fishing - April 27, 2010

You'd just had to have been there to appreciate how today went! We left the dock at about 5am in pursuit of those elusive Maryland rockfish. However, the conditions on the Chesapeake Bay were far from optimal. In fact, it was pretty damn rough! This was due to a heavy northwest wind and a hard-running flood current. In spite of this, we managed to pick up three beautiful Maryland stripers before we could get all of our lines out. Then, things got interesting. As we were trying to get back on the fish, one of our planer boards flipped, creating quite a mess. Anyone who has done this before knows that it is not fun. We reset everything, and tried it again, only to have the board upset again in about 15 minutes. At this point, we pulled out the planer board and kept it out of the water. The other board would not upset due to an experimental modification we had made recently. Needless to say, after today, both of the boards are now modified! After a while, we noticed that the current started to slack up, and with that, the wind began to moderate, making conditions much more manageable. It was at this point that the fishing started to pick up again. Within a couple of hours, we picked up another five Maryland striped bass, to complete our legal limit for the day! They were still biting as we were trying to get our lines up! At one point, we had three fish on at one time. This was a very exciting trip, with an excellent crew that we hope we'll be seeing again!

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