Monday, June 28, 2010

Maryland Charter Fishing Report

June 27, 2010

It was another very hot day on the Chesapeake, as we left the dock bright and early in the morning with a group of eight guys. When we got to the fishing grounds, we could see piles of breaking bait fish everywhere. We broke out the trolling lines and trolled around some of those piles, but came up empty. We went to where we caught our stripers yesterday, and tried some live-lining, but to no avail. We started to move north when we started to see piles of breaking fish again. We put the trolling lines back out, and we started to catch fish! Sometimes, we had two fish on at one time! We were catching fish right along until we had one big fish on that broke the line before we could get it in the boat. Then, we also had a couple that spit the hook out as soon as they came up. Other than that, it was a great day of fishing. Our eight fishermen came up just a couple of fish short of their legal limit. They had a very nice catch!

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