Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maryland Fishing Report - August 4, 2009

A group of seven left Hoopers Island with us at around 3 in the afternoon for some Maryland fishing action on the Chesapeake Bay. We first went after bluefish. The weather didn't cooperate as well as we would have liked, with south winds producing 3 and 4 ft. swells, along with a hard-running flood current, which when combined with the wind, usually is not conducive to good fishing. In spite of the challenging sea conditions, we still managed to catch a fair amount of bluefish. We then anchored up at sundown for some croaker fishing. Unlike the bluefish, the croakers came on strong, and within an hour, we caught about 80 of them! Not only did they catch a bunch of croakers, but look at what else they caught!

That is a red drum! The fellow you see on the right caught this on a spinning reel while fishing for croakers! It gave him a heck of a fight! This red drum was over 30 inches in length! We don't catch that many of those around here, but when we do, it is a sure treat! We still have plenty of dates available. Check out to reserve your Maryland fishing experience!

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