Monday, June 15, 2009

Maryland Striped Bass Fishing Report - June 13-14, 2009

The above picture shows what our crew did on Saturday, June 13! These guys caught their limit of Maryland striped bass on the Chesapeake Bay, using live bait. Once the fish got going with a moderating current, they had their limit within two hours! These fish range anywhere from 18 to 30 inches in length! The weather conditions were excellent! Hopefully, we'll be seeing these guys back!
On Sunday, we continued to catch our limit of striped bass on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay, as can be seen in the above picture! We had to wait them out a bit, as there was a hard-running current. Once the current slacked up, the fish started to bite again, and we had our limit in no time! After that, we went back into the river for some croaker fishing.

The Maryland fishing action right now is really good, and we hope it continues that way. To keep up to speed with what we're doing, check us out at!

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