Friday, July 17, 2009

Fishing for Striped Bass on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay - July 16, 2009

Today, this large group had a whale of a time on the Chesapeake Bay, fishing for Maryland rockfish, using live bait! In all, sixteen people caught their legal limit of Chesapeake Bay striped bass this afternoon. Some of the people in the above picture weren't paying attention because they were arguing over who had the biggest fish! It was a very interesting day, as we were stymied at first by a hard-running ebb current, which kept the spot from getting down deep to where the stripers were. However, once the tide slacked up, the fishing came on strong, and we went from zero to legal limit in about an hour! After that, we went back into the river to catch some more "volunteers" for the next trip! As can be seen from the above picture, this was a very happy group, and we hope to see them again soon.

For more information about catching some of these beautiful Chesapeake Bay striped bass from Maryland's Eastern Shore, please visit!

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