Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 21, 2009 - A Day to Remember for Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass, Rockfish, or whatever you want to call 'em!

What a day we had on Tuesday! We left the dock at around 5:30 am, and after maneuvering through some crab pots set out on the Chesapeake Bay, we put our lines out just as the sun was coming up, in search of Maryland Rockfish. All of the fish that you see in the picture above were caught before 9am! The trolling was red hot. At one point, we landed three fish at one time! Unfortunately, due to already meeting our limit of stripers for the day, we had to let two of them go.
Here is the biggest fish of the morning! This fish weighed 34 pounds and was 45 inches long! As you can see, the guy who caught it is very happy! He arranged to have this fish mounted by a taxidermist. Very proud of his catch, as he should be! It was a beautiful morning. The sun was out, not a breath of wind blowing, and the fishing was out of this world! We came back to the dock at around noon for our afternoon trip.

This is how this group of 3 fared! We had our limit of Chesapeake Bay Maryland Striped Bass within 30 minutes! We caught and threw back a few other ones. These guys were tired from fighting these huge rockfish.

This is a close-up of their biggest one! This fish was 50" long, and caught by the boy in the picture! This is the biggest fish he has ever caught. It's almost as long as he is tall! This is an experience that he will never forget! This was a day where everything went right, from both a fishing and a weather perspective!

If you want to hook up on some of these monster Maryland rockfish, go to!

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