Sunday, April 12, 2009

Want some of these BIG Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass? Book your Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charter NOW!!

I've got two spring dates left for catching these BIG Maryland Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass, May 13 and 14! With both of those days being weekdays, the chance of a good catch are a lot higher as opposed to a weekend, when everyone with a boat is a fisherman. These dates will fill. The clock is ticking. Get onboard NOW! Call us at (410) 397-3743, or visit our website at!

*I should mention that I realize that the image quality isn't quite as good on this blog. I don't have that many close-ups of these fish. That is because I am trying to get everybody into the picture, which is difficult when everybody has a freaking fish!

Stay tuned to this blog, as I will be talking a little bit about trolling for these big Chesapeake Bay rockfish in the days to come.

Capt. Dave

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