Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update: April 24-26, 2009. Trolling for Striped Bass on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay!

Friday, April 24, 2009 was another excellent day of fishing for striped bass on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay with Sawyer Charters! We had two trips on Friday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The above picture shows what we did in the morning! These guys had their limit in under two hours! The fishing was red hot once again! As you can tell, they are all very happy. They are new customers, and we hope they will be back with us again soon. They had a beautiful day to fish as the Chesapeake Bay was pretty calm and the sun was shining.In the afternoon, we had the enjoyment of taking out some of our long-time customers. These fine folks have been with us ever since we began running Maryland fishing charters full-time back in 1999! The fishing was a bit more challenging due to rougher sea conditions and more boats in the area trying to catch the same fish that we were after, but we overcame our obstacles, as we brought in more trophy striped bass from the Chesapeake Bay! We hope that these guys will continue to see us!

Check out what this fine young lady pulled out of the Chesapeake Bay! Yep, I kid you not. She landed this beautiful striped bass, the first fish that she's ever caught! Right here, she has just done what a lot of kids her age will never do in a lifetime! The fish is almost as long as she is tall! She will never forget this experience!

We went out again on Sunday, April 26 on a calm afternoon. The Chesapeake Bay was just like a sheet of glass. Warm temperatures and a very faint breeze made for a beautiful day of fishing here in Maryland! This fine family is a new customer and we hope that we will see them again in the near future. They were definitely happy with the massive rockfish that they caught.

That will do for now. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates about our adventures catching these monster rockfish on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay! For more information beyond the scope of this blog, or if you would like to catch some of these beautiful stripers with us, please go to!

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