Monday, April 27, 2009

April 22-23, 2009 - More Striped Bass Caught on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay!

It is time once again, for another installment of our adventures while fishing for Maryland rockfish on the Chesapeake Bay! The above picture is from April 22, 2009. These fine folks are long-time customers who come back to us year after year. They came down to Hoopers Island on a foggy, rainy Wednesday morning. However, the stripers had other ideas as they were red hot. We had our limit within two hours! At one point, we had six lines go down all at once! There's nothing like the drama of when multiple lines get pulled down by 30-pound Chesapeake Bay striped bass! In the above picture, the second fish from the right was 41 inches in length! What a day!
April 23 was another great day of fishing for us! We fished both in the morning and in the afternoon. A picture from the morning trip is shown above. The wind was kicking up quite a bit from the south, but we were still able to overcome rough sea conditions to land our limit of Maryland Striped Bass! Once again, these guys are long-time customers, and the above picture shows why!

The above picture shows what our afternoon trip did! In the afternoon, these fish were out of the water, even moreso than in the morning! These guys had their limit of Maryland rockfish in one hour! The fishing on the Chesapeake Bay was just unbelievable! Hopefully, we'll being seeing these folks again soon.

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