Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass Fishing Report - May 12-13, 2009

Today was another good day for us on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. We had to wait them out a bit, but we still caught our limit of Maryland rockfish! We caught three before we even had all of our lines out. After that, it dried up for a while until the current changed. Then, we proceeded to catch the next four in very short order! We had our limit by 11am! Here is what we did.
Yesterday was another great day of fishing for Maryland Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay! This group of six, pictured below, caught their limit of Chesapeake Bay rockfish before 9am. There was a bit of a chop on the water, which helped the baits bounce around a bit, attracting our catch for the day. Most of the fish in this picture are in the 36-40 inch range! What a day!
It should also be mentioned that these guys are charter boat captains elsewhere. They know where to go for quality fishing! To see more pictures like this, and for more information, get on over to!

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